Les points de la migraine

dimanche 26 décembre 2010

Selon Raphael Nogier

Points O’,
Points de l’oeil,
Points du trijumeau,
Points hépatiques et pancréatiques,
Points Shen Men,
Points du genou,
Points de l’antitragus,

Article complet et schémas

English version :

Selon Tang Bi-yi and Yu Wen-ping

Treatment of climacteric syndrome by ear-acupoint application in 30 cases

To observe the treatment of 30 patients with climacteric syndrome by ear-acupoint application, the main points were Kidney (MA-SC), Sympathetic (MA-AH 7), Er Shenmen (MA-TF 1) and Endocrine (MA-IC 3). In case of dizziness, loss of memory and headache, Liver (MA-SC 5), Subcortex (MA-AT 1), Adrenal Gland(MA-T) and Internal Ear (MA-L) were added ; in case of insomnia, restlessness, tidal fever and sweats, Heart (MA-IC), Lung (MA-IC 1) and Heart (MA-IC) were added. After 3-course treatment, the clinical symptoms disappeared and menstrual disorder obviously improved in 25 cases ; the clinical symptoms and the menstrual disorder obviously abated in 4 cases ; no change happened in 1 case. The total effective rate was 96,7%.