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samedi 3 février 2018

New Book


Auriculomedicine Updated and simplified


By André Lentz

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A new, simpler and more coherent way to practise auriculomedicine. A book which sheds fresh light on auriculomedicine and simplifies it to make it accessible to as many practitioners as possible. A comprehensive and coherent examination method. An aid to prescribing homeopathic remedies uninfluenced by the subjectivity of the patient. The fruit of a unique, enriching encounter with a method that is still little understood. For those who wish to provide a better service to their patients.



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This is a book which refreshes our views of auriculomedicine and homeopathy. It presents a new approach, by one who studied directly under Paul Nogier, to these types of medicine which treat the patient’s constitution, the whole person, enabling us to treat the patient rather than the illness in a completely integrated, practical, simple and coherent way.

After more than forty years of fervent research dedicated to studying the openings offered by the RAC/VAS pulse as discovered by Paul Nogier, in the following pages Dr. André Lentz offers us a summary of his work which mainly deals with the possibility of finding the origin of imbalances and blockages and testing the prescription of homeopathic remedies, freed from the subjectivity of symptoms.

This is a work aimed at those who wish to go beyond the limits of what is generally accepted and which allows us to explore fresh medical frontiers.

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